Golf etiquette

Golf is an old game that lovingly preserves a multitude of traditions, tales and legends. The majority of rules and the norms of golf etiquette where invented so that players could simply enjoy the game and not get distracted by small details.

Don’t be fooled

Cheating in golf is very easy. Unlike many other sports, golf is played with practically no supervision by a referee or other third party. It is entirely possible to cheat your partner. But cheating is strictly forbidden. Honesty, decent sportsmanship and discipline – these are the first rules a golfer must obey.

Consider the interests of others

Another unique feature of golf is that players must be extremely civil and attentive to one another. This is tribute to the era of gentlemen. In times past, it was forbidden to make noise or even speak loudly, to avoid distracting one’s partner or opponent. Today, it is considered good manners to keep your phone on silent during the game.

It is very important to respect the queue for the teeing ground, and to set up to tee only once your turn arrives.

You even need to watch your own shadow. On the green near the hole, when a player is “taking aim”, their fellow players try to stand so as not to cast a shadow on the line of their shot.

Hold your tongue

The rules of golf dictate who can give advice and to whom. A single accidental word or phrase can break the rules. Therefore, during sports competitions, you should not ask anyone for advice, apart from your partner or caddy. Similarly, try not to give any advice yourself.

Technical questions about the rules, distances, position of hazards, flag, etc., are permitted.

Watch out or shout out

Golf is a fairly dangerous sport. For long shots, the ball flies at a speed of around 270 kph (170 mph). Before hitting the ball, you should always look around to around injuring anybody with the club, ball, stones or gravel.

If the ball happens to fly in somebody’s direction, you must immediately cry: “Fore!”

Keep pace but don’t rush ahead

In golf, it is forbidden to rush ahead or hold those behind you up. Sometimes the Committee will establish the pace of play: simply by allocating a standard time to each hole.

Each group of players must keep up with the group ahead. If you have a clear hole in front of you and are delaying other players, you should let those behind you go ahead, irrespective of the number of players in that group.

Etiquette dictates that you must leave bags and buggies in appropriate places to avoid delaying the game.

Leave things tidy

No considerate golfer ever leaves a trace behind them on the course. Keeping the course in good condition is not only the Club’s experts’ responsibility, but also every player’s. In the bunker (sand trap) or on the turf, you must smooth over all holes and footprints before leaving. This applies whether or not they were made by you. There are usually special rakes available in the bunker.

It is not generally accepted to place bags or other objects on the greens, where the surface quality is particularly important. Furthermore, the club should not be used to remove the ball from the hole. The rules ask players to keep their emotions in check: golfers should not hit their club into the ground either out of anger or joy, to avoid ruining the course.

Dress correctly, and don’t undress

Golf is a gentleman’s game, and requires decent attire. Vest tops and jeans, very short trousers, and even collarless t-shirts are considered inappropriate. Girls playing mini golf and wearing shorts or short shirts should ideally wear these with knee-highs.

And if you are wearing a polo shirt and trousers, then in tribute to tradition, the right shoes are a must. They must not damage the course. High heels on the golf course are, of course, “outlawed”. At the Superior Golf Club, only soft-spike shoes are permitted.