About the Club House


The Superior Golf Club Clubhouse opened in 2009. It is a special place that brings together the traditional features of a true golfer’s life: a classic cigar room and comfortable relaxation area, a dedicated place to store equipment, and modern golf simulators.

The Clubhouse atmosphere is suited both to pleasant, friendly conversation and to reflective solitude. Here you can always play a game of chess, drink a good whisky or smoke a fragrant cigar.

It is here, in the Clubhouse, that professional golfers prepare for contests and celebrate their victories. And for those taking their first step into the golfing world, the managers on reception can tell you how to begin the game, explain how to dress correctly, and advise you on what clubs and balls to use.

Price List 2022 for golf services

Superior Golf Club:
tel: +38 (050) 400 3237
+38 (057) 349 5030